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The Kupol Collection represents the untold story of one of North Americas most fascinating cultural phenomenons. A 250 year account of Alaska's history captured in the paintings of one artist who labored for over 10 years to bring this story to life. Geanina Cantemir's  iconic work with the Russian Orthodox Churches in Alaska has taken…
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Kodiak Support Services

Kodiak Support Services Provides base operations and support services on the U.S Coast Guard's largest facility operations in the United States, Kodiak Coast Guard Base, Alaska.
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KOMAN-Propper, JV

KOMAN-Propper, JV Established as a military apparel manufacturing company that produces essential warfighter materials to enable our military personnel to conduct their daily operations wearing mil-spec attire.
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VXM Supports management and harvest of sustainable timber resources on Kodiak and nearby islands.
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