Ecological Compliance

EAS designed, conducted, and analyzed studies to manage biological resources, map significant species, habitats/communities, and monitored ecological impacts from project operations on the 586-square-mile Hanford Site.

AES conducted:

  • Species surveys on land, water,
    and under water.
  • Created natural resource inventories.
  • Performed habitat assessments.
  • Perform long-term monitoring.
  • GIS mapping.
  • Biological assessments of T&E species.
  • Facilitate Section 7 & 10 consultations.
  • Develop and implement site-wide biological resource management. plans and species-specific plans.
  • Perform statistical evaluations and laboratory analyses.
  • Conduct ecological compliance monitoring.
  • Prepare monitoring plans and technical reports.

Develop and manage extensive long-term natural resource databases.


U.S. Department of Energy
Wanamaker Building
Under contract management of
Mission Support Alliance,
825 Jadwin Ave,
Richland WA 99352

Contract No. 55143

~ $1 M
STARTED: 2011 -
PRESENT (contract continues through 2018)

Darci Teel
Phone: (509) 376-2053