Environmental Surveillance

Public Safety and Resource Protection Program

EAS is conducting long-term monitoring of the Hanford Site and associated environs to assess potential impacts from site operations to human health and environmental quality.

The tasks include:

  • The collection of surface water, sediment, soil, natural vegetation, agricultural products, and fish and wildlife samples to measure concentrations of radionuclides and chemicals and analyze the integrated effects, if any, on humans or the environment.
  • Development of new techniques to increase contaminant detection, mapping, and collection.
  • Calculation of potential radiation dose to humans, aquatic organisms, and terrestrial biota. Monitor potential exposure pathways to assess compliance with pertinent federal regulations and human health exposure limits.
  • Development and implementation of health and safety plans, quality assurance plans, sampling analysis plans, and desk-top instructions.
  • Inform the public, stakeholders, and regulators through the annual Hanford Site Environmental Report. [/span5]


U.S. Department of Energy
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Mission Support Alliance,
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Contract No. 55143

~ $2 M
STARTED:2011 -PRESENT (contract continues through 2018)

Darci Teel
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