Groundwater System

Construction of a Groundwater Extraction, Treatment and Discharge System and Building

Public Safety and Resource Protection Program

As the prime contractor, KGS constructed the Groundwater Extraction, Treatment and Discharge System (GWETS) and building using in-house construction management, health and safety, engineering, and QC professionals. Utilized on-site labor and managed specialty subcontractors.

KGS reviewed the project design and specifications prepared by another contractor, prepared project plans, evaluated building permit requirements, secured the necessary excavation clearances, and attended planning meetings.

  • Groundwater Treatment System Construction/ Startup/ Shutdown/ O&M/ Chemical Addition/ Iron Fouling/ NPDES Permit
  • Constructed this $1.4M groundwater treatment plant to control a contaminant plume migrating offsite. Installed and maintained E&S controls during construction
  • Performed system startup, shakedown, and O&M following construction. System includes chemical addition to prevent iron fouling
  • Manual pH observations combined with inorganic laboratory analysis and groundwater recovery rates
  • Flowrate monitoring and inorganic sampling is performed
  • Winterization activities included: draining all piping and equipment, installing heat tracing where appropriate, and evaluating plant operation and processes to prevent freezing and damage over winter months.

Calverton, NY
located in NAD

Contract No. 55143

STARTED: 6/29/12 - 12/28/16

Lora Fly, RPM
(757) 341-2012