2020 Board Candidate Application Packets Now Available

2020 Board candidate application packets are now available. LINK HERE. In light of COVID-19 concerns, all candidate applications may be submitted via email this year in a contactless manner and receipt will be confirmed by email from the NOK office.  At this time, NOK is planning to hold its 46th Annual Shareholders Meeting as scheduled on September 19, 2020.  We will keep you informed of any new developments and we encourage you to contact us with questions at any time.


Please be advised that in response to COVID-19 the NOK office will continue to be closed to the public and staff are now working from home until further notice.

Staff may be reached by phone at (907) 512-7988 or by email at for any shareholder service needs you may have.

Our thoughts are with each of you during these unprecedented times.


Both the NOK Benefits Trust and the Shareholder Permanent Fund Trust made distributions in 2019.  These 2019 distributions are not taxable to the beneficiaries and are not reportable on Form 1099; therefore, 1099 forms will not be mailed out.  Since these distributions are non-taxable to the beneficiaries they do not need to be reported on the beneficiary’s tax returns.


Forms may be downloaded from the Shareholder Forms page or may be obtained by contacting the NOK office.

2020 Distribution Dates

Direct Deposit DeadlineAddress Change DeadlineDate of Distribution
2nd Qtr. 06/16/202006/23/202006/30/2020
3rd Qtr.09/16/202009/23/202009/30/2020
4th Qtr.11/16/202011/23/202011/30/2020

NOK Announces Shareholder Wills Drive

All new Shareholder Will forms turned into the NOK office the first, second and third quarters of the year will be entered into a  $150 drawing each quarter!  

Congratulations to 1st Quarter Winner Andrea C. Taylor!

 All shareholder Wills that are on file with NOK (previous and recently submitted) will be entered into a  $500 drawing the fourth quarter!  

 As Alaska Native Corporation stock is not required to go through court system probate (due to specific provision of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act), NOK is able to work directly with family members to determine stock transfer. This is made much simpler when the shareholder has a Stock Will on file with NOK. And, as NOK Shareholder Permanent Fund Trust and NOK Benefits Trust Units are now required to be transferred only at the same time and in the same manner as corresponding shares of NOK Common Stock, only a single Will is required. NOK has a strict policy in place to keep Stock Wills confidential.  Once checked for completion, Wills are sealed and retained in NOK’s confidential records. Stock Will contents are not disclosed to anyone - even family members - without expressed Shareholder permission. 

 While shares and corresponding Trust Units may be Willed to any person of choice, only shareholders who are descendants of a Native are entitled to vote their shares/Units.  All shares and Units willed to a non-Native become non-voting and can only regain voting status if reverted to an Alaska Native in the future.  A reminder that notary service is available free of charge at NOK’s Kodiak and Anchorage offices.  Please call ahead to make sure notary services are available at the time you plan to stop by, and Elders please just let us know if you would like us to come to you.  Will forms may be downloaded from the NOK website or by contacting the NOK office.