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2019 Cecil Sholl Sr. & Cecil Sholl Jr. Memorial, Emil Norton Memorial and Nancy Anderson Memorial Scholarships Application 

2019 Neil Sargent Career Development Scholarship Application 

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Scholarship forms are due April 15th.

NOK Shareholder Permanent Fund Trust & NOK Benefits Trust Logo Design Contest: 2 $500 Prizes Available!

On June 30th, 2018, voting Beneficiaries of the NOK Shareholder Permanent Fund Trust overwhelmingly approved the NOK Shareholder Permanent Fund Trust Restated Trust Agreement, which expands the Trustee’s authority (at their discretion) to provide additional Trust benefits to include Elder’s Benefit, Educational Benefit, Funeral/Burial Benefit and distributions.

On September 15th, 2018, NOK Shareholders overwhelmingly approved creation of the NOK Benefits Trust which allows provision of four different types of discretionary cash benefits: A Heritage Benefit, an Elder’s Benefit, and Educational Benefit and a Bereavement Benefit.

To celebrate Trust approvals, NOK is holding a logo design contest for both Trusts with contest rules as follow:

  • Logo contest is open to all NOK Shareholders.
  • Logo submissions must be received by the Natives of Kodiak office no later than  January 7th.
  • Logos must feature an Alutiiq theme.
  • Logo designs do not need to be in “final” format (example, logo idea submitted in rough drawing will be finalized by a local Alutiiq artist- creativity is encouraged by ALL ages and abilities!).
  • Final logo selections will be made by the NOK Board of Directors.
  • Two $500 Contest Prizes to be awarded following Board selection(s), one for each logo.

Please contact the NOK offices with any questions you may have and GOOD LUCK!

In 2002, the Board of Directors of Natives of Kodiak, Inc. (NOK) recommended creation of the NOK Shareholder Permanent Fund Trust (the “Trust”) to the shareholders of NOK with the purpose of promoting the health, education and welfare of Trust beneficiaries and preservation of the heritage and culture of Alaskan Natives through principal means of beneficiary distributions.  On September 21, 2002, NOK shareholders overwhelmingly approved the creation of the Trust, by vote, at the 28th Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.  In November of 2002, NOK’s Board of Directors elected to fund the NOK Shareholder Permanent Fund Trust with transfer of NOK shareholder assets.  On December 28, 2002, NOK transferred assets with a market value of $14,113,272 to the Trust.

At year-end 2017, Trust balance had grown to $16,787,209, net of 2002-2017 total beneficiary distributions of $13,141,309.

The Trust is an independent legal entity organized under Alaska law and is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees.

2019 Distribution Dates

March 29th
June 28th
September 27th
November 29th

2019 Distribution Change Deadlines

February 15th
May 17th
August 16th
October 18th

New direct deposit authorizations, or changes to existing authorizations, must be submitted to NOK six weeks prior to any regular distribution (see change deadlines above).  Direct deposit authorizations received after the deadline will be processed for the next Trust distribution date.  Direct deposit authorization forms may be downloaded or may be obtained by contacting the NOK office.  Address changes and/or name changes are accepted up to two weeks prior to any regular distribution.