Demolition and Renovation

Demolition of Building 20 and Consolidation of Building 107, Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, CT 

As the prime contractor, KGS renovated a major portion of Building 107 and converted the space from a former Public Works garage into a shop area. The area was completely gutted and all new plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, electrical, telecommunications, compressed air, fire alarm, and fire suppression systems were installed.

Demolition of Building 20 included hazardous material abatement (asbestos containing materials and lead-based paint), building demolition, and restoring the site with asphalt for a parking area. KGS secured and capped all utilities as required in Building 20 while ensuring power was retained at adjacent Building 38. Demolition was coordinated with the move out of Navy Diver activities.

KGS salvaged and removed designated government equipment in Building 107. To accommodate the new tenant in Building 107, additional door openings were cut through brick walls to join spaces. A 10-ton bridge crane and support structure was installed. A mezzanine area was refurbished to install two offices on the upper level and two small workshops on the lower level. The remaining area was converted into four production areas and one material storage area for the tenant as well as a break room, and ADA-compliant men’s and women’s locker rooms and bathrooms. The only window modification was installing opaque glass in the men’s room. All non-production areas were equipped with motion-activated light switches, and all thermostats programmable to enhance energy efficiencies. A new steam system was installed in an open non-traffic area. All HVAC is handled by four individual split systems. KGS demolished and disposed of interior concrete masonry unit (CMU)/brick walls and existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. KGS also removed the fire door, roll-up doors, stairs and railing, and fencing. KGS ensured demolition occurred in accordance with approved plans and monitored operators and laborers to ensure safety procedures were followed and appropriate work practices were in place. There were no lost-time injuries or accidents during this project.