Upgrade Sanitary Water System


The objective of this project was to perform repair/renewal for the work plan/design and renewal/construction effort to upgrade the sanitary sewer system and the associated vent stack system and domestic hot water system for Building 9000, replace facility metal roof on the main clinic (Bldg. 9000), ambulance garage (Bldg. 9001), home station medical response (Bldg. 9002, and renovate elevators 1 & 2, replace existing elevator controls with new state of the art digital controls to include new AC motors and variable speed drives (VSD) for the 92nd Medical Support Group, Fairchild AFB, WA.

As the prime, KDS determined the temporary construction required to separate the construction zones from other surrounding clinical and administrative spaces. KDS produced Work and MRR Action Plans.

KDS also replaced the metal roof on the Main Clinic (Building 9000), Ambulance Garage (Building 9001), Home Station Medical Response (Building 9002), and renovated Elevators 1 & 2. This involved the replacement of existing elevator controls with new, state-of-the-art digital controls to include new AC motors and variable speed drives (VSD). We proposed utilizing existing structural components to provide cost savings while delivering a high-quality end-product that met the expectations of the client.

We provided a design that updated needs of the facility while maintaining a full functionality and operations during installation of all new sanitary sewer and vent piping. This resulted in a limited impact to the mission and KDS received a final “Very Good” CPARS rating.

In order to replace the sanitary sewer, we were able to provide a design that would refine and give a newer updated product while maintaining a fully functional and operational facility that met the base needs. This was done concurrently with demolition and installation of all new sanitary sewer and vent piping that resulted in a limited impact to the mission. The domestic hot water system utilized old galvanized piping, therefore KDS revamped with an updated water system using type L copper to minimize corrosion and eliminate dead legs from other renovations within the building plumbing system. KDS proposed cost savings by utilizing existing structural components during the elevator renovation that reduced the overall price for the contract and delivered a high-quality end-product that satisfied the client and contract requirements.

Client Quote:

“The complexity of this task in keeping the facility fully functional during the demolition/replacement of sewer lines and vents while maintaining hot water and installing new equipment (boilers and piping) is a testament to the overall ability of our industry partner KOMAN… in all aspects of this project.