About NOK

Natives of Kodiak, Inc. (NOK), is an Alaska Native Urban Corporation, incorporated in 1973 as a for-profit corporation organized under Alaska Law and pursuant to the 1971 federal Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (16 USC B 1601 et seq.), commonly referred to as “ANCSA”. NOK is managed by its President and CEO who is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors comprised of elected NOK shareholders.


  • Corey Gronn, Chairperson
  • Leonard 'Pat' Heitman, Vice-Chair
  • Laurence Anderson, Secretary
  • Carla Schauff, Treasurer
  • Anthony Cange, Director
  • Donene Tweten, Director
  • Jeannine Marsh, Director
  • Margaret Roberts, Director


  • James K. Erickson, President & CEO
  • David Anderson, Vice-President

Business and Financial Management Experience

NOK is committed to improving the quality of life for our shareholders through economic growth, asset diversification, and progressive land management. NOK has diversified holdings in timber, land development, resource management, and commercial and government contracting. NOK’s portfolio includes diverse business operations in environmental services, construction, and aerial firefighting to various state and federal agencies and commercial clients.

We continue to support charitable and not-for-profit organizations that benefit Kodiak’s community, shareholders, and their descendants including the Alutiiq Museum and NOK scholarship funds. The NOK Scholarship Fund supports youth, training, and higher education.