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Investigation, Remediation, O&M, and LTM, Former Fort Devens, BRAC Legacy Site, Devens, MA

KGS conducted work under CERCLA with oversight by EPA Region 1 and MassDEP and includes LTM at 10 Study Areas and Areas of Concern, monitoring and maintenance at three landfills, O&M of leachate collection system, 5 Year Reviews, well installation, groundwater modeling, enhanced reductive dechlorinization (ERD) of chlorinated solvent plume, and complex geochemical investigations associated with Shepley’s Hill Landfill. KGS prepared a Project Management Plan (PMP), APP/SSHP, QAPP, and site-specific work plans and Long-Term Monitoring and Maintenance Plans (LTMMPs) prior to starting work and routinely updates the plans, as needed. Annual Reports are prepared for 10 sites. A 5 Year Review encompassing 19 Areas of Concern was prepared. KGS prepares and delivers technical presentations at Restoration Advisory Board and other technical meetings.

The project is focused on the completion of complex geochemical investigations at the Shepley’s Hill Landfill, a capped, 80-acre landfill, to update the conceptual site model (CSM) and determine if the existing groundwater treatment system is containing the arsenic contamination associated with the landfill prior to migration onto private/residential property. The investigations have included installation of multiple groundwater profiling transects to delineate the horizontal and vertical extent of arsenic concentrations; and soil and bedrock sampling to evaluate mobilization of arsenic; bedrock coring, development, packer testing, and nested well installation.

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