Natives of Kodiak, Inc. Scholarships are available to NOK shareholders, direct lineal descendants of shareholders or legally adopted children of shareholders seeking higher education, career development or to enhance their employment options or advance their careers through non-degree seeking courses, licensing or certification programs.

NOK’s Cecil Sholl, Sr. & Cecil Sholl, Jr., Emil Norton and Nancy Anderson Memorial Scholarships (up to $2,500 annually) are open each Spring, with applications made available mid-February and due mid-April.  Neil Sargent Career Development Scholarships (up to $2,500 annually) are made available until annual funding is exhausted.

To date, NOK has awarded over $1 million in scholarships for studies in a broad range of academic and career fields.


2018 Cecil Sholl Sr. & Cecil Sholl Jr. Memorial, Emil Norton Memorial and Nancy Anderson Memorial Scholarships Application (pdf)

2018 Neil Sargent Career Development Scholarship Application (pdf)

Learn More About the People Honored in NOK's Memorial and Career Development Scholarships

Cecil Sholl, Sr. & Cecil Sholl, Jr. (pdf)

Nancy Anderson (pdf)

Emil Norton (pdf)

Neil Sargent (pdf)