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U.S. Department of Energy, Mission Support Alliance, Protecting Bald Eagle Habitat, Hanford Reach

EAS worked with MSA to monitor bald eagles on the Hanford Site. Bald eagle surveys were conducted annually to monitor bird use of current protected roost locations and nest sites and to document current and potential night roosts and nest sites along the Hanford Reach. Boat surveys were conducted to determine the age class, distribution, and abundance of eagles wintering along the Hanford Reach. EAS staff conducted 220 bald eagle surveys, including 208 night roost surveys, 3 boat surveys, and 9 nest site surveys. Although pairs of bald eagles have attempted to nest on the Hanford Site, no successful nest was documented until 2013. Working with MSA and DOE-RL, EAS established barricades around nesting sites to help produce Hanford Site’s first successful nesting pairs.

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